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AWS Administration Guide book

AWS Administration Guide book

AWS Administration Guide. Yohan Wadia

AWS Administration Guide

ISBN: 9781782173755 | 270 pages | 7 Mb

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AWS Administration Guide Yohan Wadia
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited

Configuring the Site Title and Administrator . Copyright © 2015 Amazon AWS Identity and Access Management Policies for Amazon WorkMail . Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud: User Guide for Microsoft Windows. Copyright © 2015 Designing Your Applications to Run on Amazon EC2 Windows Instances . Amazon WorkMail: Administrator Guide. AWS Documentation » AWS Directory Service » Admin Guide » Setting Up » Prerequisites You must also be logged in as a domain administrator. Entire Site, AMIs from AWS AWS Documentation » Amazon WorkSpaces » Admin Guide » What is Amazon WorkSpaces? Administration Guide (Version 1.0). THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL AND TRADE SECRET INFORMATION OF AFORE. Amazon WorkSpaces: Administration Guide Set Up a Directory Administration WorkSpace . Launch and join an Amazon EC2 instance to your Amazon WorkSpaces directory .